Recommended watches for women of different ages

With the development of the times, women's accessories are no longer confined to jewellery. Watches have entered their collection cabinets. Watches can discover the characteristics of women, such as sassy, individuality, and independence. Women of different age groups have different charms,replica watches and the styles of watches they wear are also different. Today we will talk about what kind of watches women of different age groups wear.

For Xiaobai who has just entered the workplace, the first consideration is basically price, followed by various factors such as appearance. Fiyta and Mido are both familiar brands. From the perspective of price and design, it is more suitable for newcomers in the workplace.

First, let’s take a look at this FIYTA Heartstring watch. The Clover series and the Heartstring series are the two most famous series in FIYTA women’s watches. The gentle and intellectual temperament of the watch is exactly the same as the spokesperson Gao Yuan. The 32 mm diameter, the brown dial and the golden strap are all small and exquisite. This watch also has a rose gold case and a white dial.replica watches I personally think that the coffee color is more stable and suitable for professionals. The public price of this watch is 4,080 yuan, and the precision movement can be seen through the threaded perspective of the bottom of the watch, which is even more high-end.

The Mido Belen Sally series watches are also very popular among newcomers in the workplace. The diameter of this watch is 29 mm, which is considered to be a relatively large diameter among women’s watches and is suitable for taller girls. Correspondingly, there is a 38 mm diameter male watch that couples can wear together. The silver satin-finished sun pattern dial is surrounded by 12 diamonds, which is eye-catching. The silver design of the whole body adds a bit of strength to the watch, even if it is a female watch, it can be very strong.